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Warwickshire, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Warwickshire, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Baddesley Clinton

James de Bisege, b.1184
Mazera de Bisege, b.1210
Joan Rodye, b.1386
William Dauncy, b.1399
William Edmund Brome, b.1408; d.1468
John Brome, 1438
John Malehearbe, b.1452
Constance Brome, b.1480; d.1551
Jane Malehearbe, b.1480
Margaret Ferrers, b.1504
Edward Ferrers, d.1535
Elizabeth Brome, b.1501; d.1566

Charlecote Park

William de Lucy, b.1341
Elizabeth De La Barre, b.1342
Thomas de Lucy, b.1377
Alice De Hugford, b.1387
Alianore De Gray Of Ruthyn, b.1423
Richard Ludlow, b.1434
Edmund Lucy, b.1464
Thomas Lucy, b.1488; d.1525
William Lucy, b.1510
Barbara Lucy, b.1525
Joyce Acton, b.1532
Thomas Lucy, b.1532
Jane Lucy, b.1545
Anne Lucy, b.1550
Thomas Lucy, b.1551
Joyce Aston, b.1566
Daniel? Lucy, b.1592
Edward Aston, d.1596
Richard Izard, b.1615
Samuel Lucy, b.1619

Coughton Court

John de Throckmorton, b.1337
Thomas de Throckmorton, b.1339
Richard de Throckmorton, b.1341
Robert Throckmorton, b.1451
Thomas de Throckmorton, b.1410; d.1472
Richard Throckmorton, b.1490
Nicholas Throckmorton, b.1515
Thomas Throckmorton, b.1533
Mary Whorwood, b.1533
Muriel Berkeley, d.1541
George Throckmorton, b.1480; d.1552
Meriel Throckmorton, b.1560
Eleanor Throckmorton, b.1576
Robert Throckmorton, b.1513; d.1581
Elizabeth Throckmorton, b.1585

Kenilworth Castle

Geoffrey de Clinton
Agnes Stigand, b.1090
Osbert de Clinton, b.1122
Lasceline de Clinton, b.1124
Eleanor de Montfort, b.1252
John of Lancaster, b.1389
Humphrey of Lancaster, b.1390

Warwick Castle

Henry de Beaumont, d.1119
Guy de Beauchamp, b.1272; d.1315
Maud de Beauchamp, b.1310
Thomas de Beauchamp, b.1314
Elizabeth de Beauchamp, b.1315
Thomas Beauchamp, b.1338; d.1401
William Beauchamp, b.1343
Agnes de Beauchamp, b.1348
Margaret Ferrers, d.1407
Elizabeth de Berkeley, d.1422
Cecily Neville, d.1450
Anne Neville, b.1453
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