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Staffordshire, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Staffordshire, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Alton Castle

Norman de Verdun, d.1153
Maud de Verdun, b.1260
Margery de Verdun, b.1310
Theobald de Verdun, b.1248; d.1316
William de Furnival, b.1326
Joan de Verdun, d.1334

Dudley Castle

Ralph Paynel, b.1100
William Paynel, b.1100
Beatrice Fitzansculf, d.1130
Fulk Paynel, d.1138
Hawise Paynel, b.1150
Ralph de Somery, b.1167
Margaret (Margery) de Somery, b.1229
Nicole d' Aubigny, d.1240
Roger de Somery, d.1273
Roger de Somery, d.1291
John I de Sutton, d.1337
John III de Sutton, b.1338
Margaret de Somery, b.1290; d.1384
Isabel de Cherleton, d.1396
John Sutton, b.1400
Margaret Sutton, b.1418
John Sutton, b.1430
Jane Sutton, b.1441
Joyce Tiptoft, d.1470
Elizabeth de Bramshot, d.1500
John Dudley, b.1504
Edmund Dudley, b.1462; d.1510

Stafford Castle

Petronille de Ferrers, b.1175
Hervey de Stafford, b.1178
Robert Stafford, b.1220
Robert de Stafford, b.1253
Elizabeth Stafford, b.1337
Henry Stafford, d.1566
Mary Stafford-Howard, b.1683
William Stafford-Howard, b.1690
John Paul Stafford-Howard, b.1700

Stourton Castle

Alan de Storeton, b.1125
Agnes de Storeton, b.1235
Joan de Baumville, b.1261
Philip de Baumville, d.1284
William Stanley, d.1311
John Stanley, d.1346
William Stanley, d.1398
Reginald Cardinal Pole, b.1499

Tamworth Castle

Alexander de Freville, aft 1270
Baldwin de Freville, aft 1292
Baldwin Freville, aft 1349
Baldwin Freville, aft 1368
Elizabeth Freville, b.1398
Margaret Freville, b.1400
Mabel Ferrers, b.1445

Tutbury Castle

Walkelin (William) de Ferrers
Robert de Ferrers
Robert de Ferrers
Henry de Ferrers
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