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Northumberland, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Northumberland, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Alnwick Castle

Gilbert de Tyson, b.1035
Alda Tyson, b.1075
Beatrix de Vesci, b.1090
Malcolm Iii, King of Alba Canm..., d.1093
Beatrice, d.1141
Sibil de Vescy, b.1141
Agnes de Vessey, b.1155
Eustace Fitzjohn, d.1157
Agnes Fitznigell, d.1166
Maud de Vesci, b.1166
Richard de Percy, b.1170
Eustace de Vesci, b.1170
William de Vesci, d.1183
William de Vesci, b.1205
Agnes de Vescy, b.1247
Juliana de Vesci, b.1255
Henry de Percy, b.1320
Henry de Percy, b.1341
William Hilton, b.1355
Mary Plantagenet, d.1362
Henry Percy, b.1393
Margaret Percy, b.1450
Johanna Percy, b.1488
Thomas Percy, b.1528
Algernon Percy, d.1865

Ogle Castle

Humphrey de Ogle, b.1095
Humphrey de Ogle, d.1125
Gilbert de Ogle, b.1130
Richard de Ogle, b.1163
Thomas de Ogle, b.1199
Robert de Ogle, b.1306
Robert de Ogle, b.1331
Robert Ogle, b.1379
Robert Ogle, b.1406
Robert de Ogle, b.1353; d.1409
Owen Ogle, b.1440

Prudhoe Castle

Margery de Umfreville, b.1165
Odinel II Umfreville, d.1171
Gilbert de Umfreville, b.1195
Alice de Lucy, d.1197
Sybil de Umfreville, b.1203
Margery de Umfreville, b.1205
Richard de Umfreville, d.1226
John de Umfreville, b.1234
Gilbert de Umfreville, b.1244
Maud Countess of Angus, d.1261
Gilbert de Umfreville, b.1270
Robert de Umfreville, b.1277
Elizabeth de Umfreville, b.1314
Elizabeth Comyn, d.1328
Elizabeth Comyn, d.1328

Warkworth Castle

John FitzRoger de Clavering, b.1240
Robert FitzRoger Clavering, b.1247
Alice de Clavering, b.1257
Maud De Percy, b.1335
Eleanor Neville, d.1463
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