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Middlesex, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Middlesex, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Buckingham Palace

William IV of England, b.1765
Charlotte Augusta Matilda of E..., b.1766
Edward Hanover, b.1767
Augusta Sophia of England, b.1768
Elizabeth of England, b.1770
Ernest Augustus I of Hanover, b.1771
Augustus Frederick, b.1773
Adolphus Duke of Cambridge, b.1774
Mary, Duchess of Gloucester an..., b.1776
Sophia Matilda of England, b.1777
Victoria Princess of England, b.1840
Alice of England, b.1843
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaug..., b.1850
Leopold George Duke of Albany, b.1853
Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore..., b.1857
Edward VII of England, b.1841; d.1910
Alice of Battenberg, d.1969

Hampton Court

Edward VI of England, b.1537
Jane Seymour, d.1537
William Herbert, d.1570
George William Jerningham, d.1851
Marianne Caton, d.1853

Richmond Palace

Elizabeth de Badlesmere, d.1356
Robert Dudley, b.1574
Elizabeth I of England, d.1603
Anne of England, d.1640

St James Palace

Mary I of England, d.1558
William Kerr, b.1605
Charles II Stuart, b.1630
Mary of England, b.1631
James II of England, b.1633
Anne of England, b.1637
Mary II of England, b.1662
Anne of England, b.1664
Edgar Stuart, b.1667
Anne Hyde, d.1671
James Francis Edward Stuart, b.1688
Augusta Frederika of Wales, b.1737
Caroline of Ansbach, d.1737
George IV of England, b.1762
Frederick, Duke of York and Al..., b.1763
Margaret Smith, d.1814
Jane Fleming, d.1824
Lavinia Bingham, d.1831
Charles Robert Spencer, d.1922

Tower of London

William Sinclair, d.1297
William de Douglas, d.1298
Joanna Of England, b.1321
John Maxwell, d.1346
Katherine Glendower, d.1413
Henry VI King of England, d.1471
William Hastings, d.1483
Edward Plantagenet, d.1483
Katherine Tudor, b.1503
Elizabeth Plantagenet, d.1503
John Wyndham, d.1503
Edward Stafford, d.1521
John Fisher, d.1535
Thomas More, d.1535
Anne Boleyn, d.1536
Edward Neville, d.1538
Henry Pole, d.1539
Catherine Howard, d.1541
Margaret Plantagenet, d.1541
Michael Stanhope, d.1551
John Dudley, d.1553
Edward Waldegrave, d.1561
Richard Blount, d.1564
Elizabeth Wyatt Brooke, d.1565
John Perrot, d.1592
Elizabeth Walsingham, d.1596
Peter Wentworth, d.1596
Lucy Apsley, b.1620

Whitehall Palace

Charles I of England, d.1649
Mary of England, d.1660
Henry Fitzroy, b.1663
Charlotte Fitzroy, b.1664
Charles II Stuart, d.1685
Willem Van Keppel, b.1702
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