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Lancashire, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Lancashire, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Bradley Old Hall

Gilbert Haydock, abt 1425

Clitheroe Castle

Robert de Lacy

Hornby Castle

Roger de Montbegon
Ivo de Lungvillers, b.1165
Henry Montbegon, b.1168
Eudo de Lungvillers, b.1180
John de Lungvillers, b.1204
Robert De Neville, b.1323
William Harrington, b.1373
Margaret Neville, b.1384
Elizabeth Harrington, b.1386
Margaret Neville, b.1386
Thomas Harrington, b.1401
Isabel Harrington, b.1404
Elizabeth Harrington, b.1430
Isabella Harington, b.1437
Thomas Stanley, b.1507; d.1560
Edward Stanley, d.1523
Elizabeth Stanley, b.1558
William Stanley, b.1528; d.1581
William Parker, b.1582
Catherine Parker, b.1605

Ordsall Hall

Richard de Radcliffe
John de Radcliffe, 1335

Radcliffe tower

Nicholas FitzGilbert de Radcli..., b.1100
Henry de Radcliffe, b.1122
William de Radcliffe, b.1165
Robert de Radcliffe, b.1215
Richard de Radcliffe, b.1225
Richard de Radcliffe, b.1245
Adam de Radcliffe, b.1190; d.1248
Adam de Radcliffe, b.1254
Margery Radcliffe, b.1265
William Radcliffe, b.1267
Robert de Radcliffe, b.1273
Richard Radcliffe, b.1280
Elizabeth Radcliffe, b.1290
Alicia de Radcliffe, b.1290
Robert Radcliffe, b.1298
Richard Radcliffe, b.1305
Agnes Radcliffe, b.1305
Richard Radcliffe, b.1255; d.1326
Isabel Radcliffe, b.1343

Thurland Castle

Thomas Tunstall, b.1382
Richard Tunstall, b.1403
Elizabeth Tunstall, b.1420

Towneley Hall

John Towneley, b.1415
Mary Towneley, b.1541
Richard Towneley, b.1566
Charles Towneley, b.1600
Richard Towneley, b.1629
Mary Margaret Paston, d.1672
Richard Towneley, b.1689
William Towneley, b.1714
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