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Kent, England Residences

Below are some of the residences of Kent, England, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

Chilham Castle

Fulbert de Dover, b.1146
Rohese de Dover, b.1198; d.1265
Margaret Fitzjohn, b.1216
Isabel de Cilham, b.1218
Richard de Chilham, b.1220
Lorette de Dover, b.1232
Elizabeth de Badlesmere, b.1313
David I de Strathbogie, d.1326
David III de Strathbogie, b.1332
Elizabeth de Strathbogie, b.1361

Hever Castle

William Waldorf Astor
Margaret Butler, d.1537
Thomas Boleyn, d.1539
Anne of Cleves, d.1557

Knole, Sevenoaks_in_Kent_ _March_2009 author (DAV

Robert Sackville, abt 1591
Margaret Howard, d.1591
Thomas Sackville, 1604

Leeds Manor & Castle

John Norbury
Emma de Crevequer, b.1128
Daniel de Crevequer, b.1130
Robert 'The King's Son' De Cae..., 1139
Stephen (Etienne) King of Engl..., 1139
Elias de Crevequer, d.1145
Robert de Crevequer, d.1154
Robert de Crevequer, b.1155
Hamon de Crevequer, b.1210
Robert de Crevequer, b.1239
Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1317/1321
Anthony St Leger, 1532
Warham St Leger, 1560
Anothony St Leger, d.1602
Richard Smythe, d.1620
Thomas Fairfax, b.1693
Frances Fairfax, b.1703
Margaret Van Hesse, d.1710
Catherine (Colepeper) Culpeper, b.1666; d.1719
Philip Martin, b.1733; d.1821
Francis Godolphin Osborne, b.1751
Robert Fairfax, d.1793
Jemima Isabella Mann, b.1801
Charles Wykeham-Martin, b.1801; d.1870
Fiennes Wykham-Martin, d.1840
Olive Cecilia Paget, 1926-1974
Gawaine George Hope Baillie, b.1934

Tonbridge Castle

Roger de Clare, b.1116
Adles de Clare, b.1121
Rohese de Clare, b.1123
Richard de Clare, b.1153
Elana de Clare, b.1154
Joan de Clare, b.1179
Margaret de Clare, b.1292
Amy de Gaveston, b.1312
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