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Washington, DC Residences

Below are some of the residences of Washington, DC, and some of the people who lived there. Other locations to come. (If you have people online here, who have attached pictures of their homes in one geographic area, let me know and I can get them listed here.)

2437 15th Street

Mary Newton Foote, 1927/1931

Andrew Mellon Building

Stanley Robert McCormick, 1917/1920
Robert Woods Bliss, 1920/1923
Alanson Bigelow Houghton, 1930/1934

Benjamin Tayloe House

Julia Maria Dickinson, 1828/1846
Benjamin Ogle Tayloe, 1828/1868
James Donald Cameron, 1887/1897

Blair House

Samuel Philips Lee
Joseph Lovell, 1824/1836
Francis Preston Blair, 1836/1876

Brodhead-Bell-Morton Mansion

Alexander Graham Bell, 1882/1889
Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, 1882/1889
Levi Parsons Morton, 1889/1895
Charles Franklin Sprague, 1898/1901
Elihu Root, 1907/1909
William Corcoran Eustis, 1920/1921
Edith Livingston Morton, 1920/1929
Ogden Livingston Mills, 1929/1930

Cleveland Abbe House

James Monroe, 1811/1817
Charles Francis Adams, 1860/1861
Henry Brooks Adams, 1860/1861
Cleveland Abbe, 1877/1909

Cutts-Madison House

Richard Cutts, 1818/1845
Dollie Payne, 1837/1849

Decatur House

Stephen Decatur, 1818/1820
Henry Clay, 1825/1829
Martin Van Buren, 1829/1831
Edward Livingston, 1831/1833
George Mifflin Dallas, 1845/1849
Joseph Gales, 1849/1850
William Appleton, 1851/1857
Edward Fitzgerald Beale, 1871; d.1893
Truxtun Beale, 1903/1936

Dumbarton Oaks

Ninian Beall, 1702
George Beall, 1717
Thomas Beall, 1780
William Hammond Dorsey, 1801
Robert Beverley, 1805/1822
James Bradshaw Beverley, 1822
John Caldwell Calhoun, 1822/1829
Brooke Mackall, 1829/1846
Edward Magruder Linthicum, 1846/1869
Edward Linthicum Dent, 1869
Mildred Barnes, 1933/1969
Robert Woods Bliss, 1933/1962

Forrest-Marbury House

William Marbury, 1800/1835
John Marbury, 1835/1876

Halcyon House

Benjamin Stoddert, 1787/1813
Thomas Beale Ewell, 1802/1818
Elizabeth Stoddert, 1802/1818
William Worthington, 1839/1848
William Nicholas Worthington, 1841
Albert Adsit Clemons, 1900/1938

Holt House

Walter Mackall, 1800/1804
Roger Johnson, 1809/1831

Maxwell Woodhull House

William H. Seward, 1855/1858
Maxwell Woodhull, 1855

Mountjoy Bayly House

Mountjoy Bayly
Hiram Warren Johnson, 1929/1947

Octagon House

John Tayloe, 1799/1828
Edward Thornton Tayloe, b.1803
Elizabeth Merry Tayloe, b.1806
Ann Ogle Tayloe, b.1814
Edward Thornton Tayloe, b.1829
Virginia Tayloe Lewis, b.1842
Henry Grosvenor Lewis, b.1850
Shubrick Trapier Lewis, b.1852

Patterson Mansion

Elinor Medill, 1902/1922
Robert Wilson Patterson, 1902/1910
John Calvin 'Silent Cal' Cooli..., 1927
Grace Anna Goodhue, 1927

Quality Hill

John Thomson Mason, 1798/1807
Charles Worthington, 1810/1836
Albert Adsit Clemons, 1915

Ringgold-Carroll House

Tench Ringgold, 1825/1835
John Marshall, 1832/1833
William Thomas Carroll, 1835/1863
Sally Sprigg, 1835/1879

Thomas Law House

Elizabeth Parke Custis, 1796/1804
Thomas Law, 1796/1804
Elizabeth Collins, 1814/1827
Richard Bland Lee, 1814/1827

Tudor Place

Armistead Peter
Martha Parke Custis, 1805
Thomas Peter, 1805
Eleanor Calvert, d.1811
Beverly Kennon, bef 1844
Armistead Peter, b.1870; d.1960
Agnes Peter, b.1880
Brittania Wellington Peter, b.1815; d.1911

Twin Oaks

Gardiner Greene Hubbard, 1888/1897

Walsh-McLean House

Evalyn Walsh, aft 1903

White-Meyer House

Henry White, 1912/1917
Peter Goelet Gerry, 1918
Eugene Isaac Meyer, 1929/1959


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