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Relationships for William Von Brunswick

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Henry V The Lion of SaxonyHenry V "The Lion" of Saxonyabt 1129Germany, BadenClementia of Zähringen, Ida von Bliescastel, Matilda (Maud) of England
William Plantagenet1152France, Normandy
Henry The Young King of EnglandHenry The Young King of England28 FEB 1155England, MiddlesexMargaret Capet of France
Matilda (Maud) of EnglandMatilda (Maud) of Englandabt 1156England, MiddlesexHenry V "The Lion" of Saxony
Marie Plantagenet1156England, BerkshireHenry Of Saxony
Richard I of EnglandRichard I of England6 SEP 1157England, OxfordshireBerengaria of Navarre
Geoffrey Duke of Brittany PlantagenetGeoffrey Duke of Brittany Plantagenet23 SEP 1158FranceConstance de Bretagne
Phillip Plantagenetabt 1160France
Eleanor of EnglandEleanor of England13 OCT 1161France, NormandyAlfonso VIII King of Castile
Joan Plantagenet1165FranceWilliam II King of Sicily
John Lackland King of EnglandJohn "Lackland" King of England24 DEC 1167England, Oxfordshire(mistress) ___, Isabel De Clare, Agatha de Ferrers, Clemence le Boteler, Suzanne de Warenne, Isabella of Angloume