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Relationships for Philippa De Roet

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Payn (Giles) de Roetabt 1310Belgium, HainautCatherine of Hainault
William De Hainault1307Belgium, Oost Vlaanderen
Margaret de AvesnesMargaret de Avesnes1311France, Pas-de-CalaisLudwig IV of Bavaria
John De Hainault1311
Philippa of Hainault24 JUN 1311Belgium, HainautEdward III King of England
Johanna of Avesnesabt 1315France, Pas-de-CalaisWilhelm V of Julich
Catherine of Hainaultabt 1315France, PicardiePayn (Giles) de Roet
Isabella De Hainault1315Belgium, Oost Vlaanderen
William II of HainaultWilliam II of Hainault1317France
Louis Van Holland1325France, Pas-de-Calais
Elizabeth De Hainault1327France, Burgundy