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Relationships for Matthew Fontaine Maury Werth

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Betty Herndon MauryBetty Herndon Maury1835VA, FredericksburgWilliam A. Maury
Diana Fontaine Maury15 JAN 1837VA, FredericksburgSpotswood Wellford Corbin
Lt. Col. Richard Launcelot Maury9 OCT 1840VA, FredericksburgSusan Elizabeth Gatewood Crutchfield
Lt. John Herndon Maury21 OCT 1842VA, Fredericksburg
Mary Herndon Maury13 NOV 1844DC, WashingtonJames Rhodes Werth
Eliza Hull Maury5 DEC 1846DC, Washington
Matthew Fontaine Maury Jr.9 JAN 1849DC, WashingtonRose Robinson
Lucy Minor Maury8 MAY 1851DC, WashingtonMeverell Locke Van Doren