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Relationships for Huybertie Lansing Pruyn

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Father's Side Mother's Side
John Van Schaik Lansing PruynJohn Van Schaik Lansing Pruyn22 JUN 1811NY, Albany CoAnna Fenn Parker, Harriet Corning Turner
Edmund Roberts Parker4 MAR 1836NY, Delaware Co
Anna Fenn Parker26 MAR 1840NY, Delaware CoJohn Van Schaik Lansing Pruyn
Harriet Langdon Parker1 MAR 1842NY, Delaware Co
Amasa Junius Parker Jr.Amasa Junius Parker Jr.6 MAY 1843NY, Delaware CoCornelia Kane Strong
Mary Parker7 JAN 1845NY, Albany CoErastus Corning Jr.
Grace Parker16 NOV 1847NY, Albany Co
Cora Parker20 MAY 1853NY, Albany Co