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Relationships for Benjamin Bruyn

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Jacobus Bruyn III26 NOV 1706NY, Ulster CoJane Graham
Geertruy Bruyn18 SEP 1709NY, Ulster CoNathaniel DuBois
Cornelius Bruyn7 JAN 1711NY, Ulster CoIda Hoffman
Johannes Bruyn10 AUG 1712NY, Ulster CoMaria Schoonmaker
Pieterneletje Bruyn19 OCT 1718NY, Ulster CoJacob Hardenburgh
Catherine "Catrina" Bruyn5 JUL 1720NY, Ulster CoAbraham Hasbrouck
Maria Bruyn23 JUN 1723NY, Ulster CoIsaac Hasbrouck
Annatje "Hannah" BruynDEC 1724NY, Ulster CoSolomon Van Wagenen
Severyn BruynSeveryn Bruyn25 MAY 1726NY, Ulster CoCatharine Ten Broeck
Maria SchoonmakerFEB 1727NY, Ulster CoJohannes Bruyn
Cornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker1744NY, Ulster CoHelena Van Alst Bassett