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Relationships for John W. Schoonmaker

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Catherine Jane Schoonmaker26 APR 1848NY, Ulster CoJames E. LeFevre
Mary Schoonmaker15 JUL 1850NY, Ulster CoJohn Wilhelmus DuBois
Selah Schoonmaker7 APR 1854NY, Ulster CoMagdalene LeFevre
William DuBois Schoonmaker6 APR 1862NY, Ulster Co
Jacob Schoonmaker LeFevre30 SEP 1852NY, Ulster Co
Anna LeFevre27 OCT 1857NY, Ulster CoAndries LeFevre
Magdalene LeFevre11 MAR 1861NY, Ulster CoSelah Schoonmaker
Johannes DuBois LeFevre8 NOV 1865NY, Ulster Co
Mary LeFevre15 AUG 1867NY, Ulster CoMyron Ebenezer Stephens