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Relationships for Cora Ann Deane

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Katherine Elting "Kate" Deane31 MAR 1839NY, Ulster CoCharles Augustus Pardee
Ezekiel Deyo Deane20 AUG 1845NY, Ulster CoSarah Cornelia LeFever
Josephine Deane2 APR 1853NY, Ulster CoJames T. Palmer, Herman D. Ingram
Abraham Deyo "Abram" LeFever3 JUL 1845NY, Ulster Co
Sarah Cornelia LeFever19 JUN 1849NY, Ulster CoEzekiel Deyo Deane
Julia Elizabeth LeFever18 AUG 1853NY, Ulster CoHenry DeGarmo Relyea
Deliah Jane LeFever5 OCT 1859NY, Ulster Co