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Relationships for Winifred Folsom Delafield

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Julia Floyd DelafieldJulia Floyd Delafield2 AUG 1874NY, New York CoFrederick Van Schoonhaven Crosby
Edward Henry Delafield23 DEC 1880NY, New York CoWinifred Folsom
Helen Stuyvesant Folsom4 AUG 1868VT, Windham Co
George Winthrop Folsom Jr.21 OCT 1869NY, New York Co
William Fuller Folsom3 JUN 1871NY, New York Co
Etheldred Frances Folsom26 SEP 1872VT, Windham Co
George Folsom26 APR 1875NY, New York Co
Margaret Winthrop Folsom5 NOV 1876NY, Dutchess Co
Maud Christine Folsom25 DEC 1880NY, New York CoClark Greenwood Voorhees
Winifred Folsom1 APR 1882NY, New York CoEdward Henry Delafield
Georgette Folsom2 APR 1883DC, Washington
Frances Constance Folsom20 SEP 1885MA, Berkshire Co