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Relationships for Ferdinand I of Naples

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Alfonso V of AragonAlfonso V of Aragon1394Spain, CastilleMaria, Queen of Aragon
Maria de Aragón1396Spain, CastilleJohn II, King of Castile
John II of AragonJohn II of Aragon29 JUN 1397Spain, CastilleJuana Enriquez, Blance of Navarre
Enrique of Aragón Duque de Villenaabt 1400Spain, CastilleCatherine de Castilla
Eleanor of Aragon1402Spain, AragonEdward of Portugal
Maria, Queen of Aragon14 SEP 1401Spain, CastilleAlfonso V of Aragon
John II, King of CastileJohn II, King of Castile6 MAR 1404Spain, CastilleMaria de Aragón, Isabel de Aviz
Catherine de Castilla1406Enrique of Aragón Duque de Villena