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Relationships for Lt. Col. Robert Cooley Angell

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Alexis Caswell Angell26 APR 1857RI, Providence CoFanny Cary Cooley
Lois Thompson Angell15 FEB 1863VT, Chittenden CoAndrew Cunningham McLaughlin
James Rowland AngellJames Rowland Angell8 MAY 1869VT, Chittenden Co
Fanny Cary Cooley5 JUL 1857MI, Lenawee CoAlexis Caswell Angell
Charles Horton CooleyCharles Horton Cooley17 AUG 1864MI, Washtenaw Co
Thomas Benton Cooley23 JUN 1871MI, Washtenaw Co