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Relationships for Zachariah Bruyn Decker

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Cornelius Johannes Decker30 MAR 1789NY, Ulster CoGeertruy "Gertrude" Bruyn
Ann Decker1 FEB 1790NY, Ulster CoElijah Alliger
Maria Decker26 DEC 1794NY, Ulster CoLevi Hasbrouck
Catherine Decker3 NOV 1797NY, Ulster CoCornelius Smedes
John DePuy Decker14 SEP 1799NY, Ulster Co
Sarah Hasbrouck Decker20 SEP 1801NY, Ulster Co
Rachel Decker3 AUG 1803NY, Ulster Co
Moses J. Decker19 AUG 1805NY, Ulster Co
Margaret Decker1 DEC 1807NY, Ulster Co
Josiah Decker26 MAY 1813NY, Ulster Co
Andris "Andrew" Bruyn7 FEB 1793NY, Ulster CoElsie Deyo
Geertruy "Gertrude" Bruyn24 FEB 1795NY, Ulster CoCornelius Johannes Decker