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Relationships for Sara DePuy

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Jacobus Depuy Jr.16 FEB 1726NY, Ulster CoSara Van Wagenen
Elizabeth Depuy28 OCT 1733NY, Ulster CoPetrus Elting
Benjamin DePuyabt 1743NY, Ulster CoCatherine Bevier
Solomon Van Wagenen12 APR 1722NY, Ulster CoAnnatje "Hannah" Bruyn
Sara Van Wagenen15 DEC 1723NY, Ulster CoJacobus Depuy Jr.
Jacobus Van Wagenen16 FEB 1729NY, Ulster CoRachel Brodhead
Helena Van Wagenen9 SEP 1733NY, Ulster CoThomas Schoonmaker
Annatje Van Wagenen12 NOV 1736NY, Ulster CoJohn Schoonmaker DePuy
Elizabeth Van Wagenen11 NOV 1740NY, Ulster CoCornelius Decker