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Relationships for Peter Daniel Hasbrouck

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Solomon Hasbrouck20 OCT 1763NY, Ulster Co
Elizabeth Hasbrouck8 OCT 1764NY, Ulster CoAbraham Van Gaasbeck
Daniel Hasbrouck31 DEC 1765NY, Ulster Co
Elias Hasbrouck Jr.18 DEC 1766NY, Ulster CoSarah "Sally" Carl
John Elias Hasbrouck28 JUN 1769NY, Ulster CoElizabeth Post
Sarah Hasbrouck16 MAR 1771NY, Ulster Co
Daniel Elias Hasbrouck28 JUL 1773NY, Ulster CoPhebe Griffin
Richard Montgomery HasbrouckRichard Montgomery Hasbrouck20 SEP 1776NY, Ulster CoMaria "Mary" Johnson
Petrus Elias Hasbrouck19 JUL 1780NY, Ulster CoPhoebe Freeman