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Relationships for Abraham Van Gaasbeck

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Thomas Van Gaasbeek23 MAR 1707NY, Ulster CoMargaret Elmendorf
Anna Maria Van Gaasbeck20 OCT 1708NY, Ulster CoLawrence Salisbury
Sarah Van Gaasbeck30 APR 1716NY, Ulster CoAbraham Delamater
Catharine Van Gaasbeck Chambers3 DEC 1718NY, Ulster CoAnthony Hoffman
Johannes "John" Van Gaasbeek26 DEC 1720NY, Ulster CoAntjen Louw
Wilhelmus Van Gaasbeck10 JAN 1723NY, Ulster CoCatrina Delamater
Cornelia Delamater1724NY, New York CoCornelius Louw
Catrina Delamater10 SEP 1727NY, Ulster CoWilhelmus Van Gaasbeck