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Relationships for Richard Montgomery Hasbrouck

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Abraham Hasbrouck11 MAR 1722NY, Ulster CoRachel Slecht
Lt. Jacobus Hasbrouck1 JAN 1727NY, Ulster CoDeborah VanWagenen
Jan Hasbrouck1 FEB 1730NY, Ulster CoRachel VanWagenen
Lt. Petrus Hasbrouck20 AUG 1738NY, Ulster CoSarah Bevier
Elias Hasbrouck18 MAY 1740NY, Ulster CoElizabeth Slecht
Benjamin Slecht25 DEC 1717NY, Ulster CoAnna Swart
Johannes Sleght18 OCT 1719NY, Ulster CoElizabeth Elmendorf
Rachel Slecht17 NOV 1728NY, Ulster CoAbraham Hasbrouck
Petrus Slecht25 JUN 1732NY, Ulster CoCornelia Cantine
Elizabeth Slecht9 SEP 1737NY, Ulster CoElias Hasbrouck