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Relationships for Elias Hasbrouck

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Rachel Hasbrouck12 MAY 1680NY, Ulster CoLouis DuBois Jr.
Anna Hasbrouck1682NY, Ulster Co
Joseph HasbrouckJoseph Hasbrouck23 OCT 1683NY, Ulster CoElsie Schoonmaker
Solomon Hasbrouck6 OCT 1686NY, Ulster CoSarah Van Wagenen
Jonas Hasbrouck1691NY, Ulster Co
Daniel Hasbrouck23 JUN 1692NY, Ulster CoWyntje Deyo
Benjamin Hasbrouck17 MAY 1696NY, Ulster CoJannetje DeLong
Aert Van Wagenen15 OCT 1679NY, Ulster CoMarytje Louw
Rebecca Van Wagenen11 APR 1685NY, Ulster CoJan Freer
Geertje Van Wagenen5 SEP 1686NY, Ulster CoJacob Decker
Symon Jacobsz Aertsen "Simon" Van Wagenen19 NOV 1692NY, Ulster CoSara DuBois
Benjamin Van Wagenen28 DEC 1696NY, Ulster CoElisabeth Van Den Berg
Abraham Van Wagenen5 FEB 1699NY, Ulster CoHillegond Crispell
Sarah Van Wagenen1 DEC 1701NY, Ulster CoSolomon Hasbrouck
Isaac Van Wagenen22 AUG 1703NY, Ulster CoCatharina Freer