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Relationships for Richard Taylor

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Frances Taylor8/30/1700VA, King and Queen CoAmbrose Madison
Martha Taylor27 JAN 1701VA, King and Queen CoThomas Chew
James Taylor IIIJames Taylor III20 MAR 1703VA, King and Queen Co___ Gregory, Elizabeth Lewis McGrath, Alice Thornton
Zachary Taylor4/17/1707VA, King and Queen CoElizabeth Lee
Col. George TaylorCol. George Taylor02/11/1711VA, King and Queen CoSarah Taliaferro, Rachel Gibson
Tabitha Taylor2 MAR 1713VA, King and Queen Co
Erasmus TaylorErasmus Taylor5 SEP 1715VA, King and Queen CoJane Moore
Hannah Taylor03/15/1717VA, King and Queen CoNicholas Battaile
Mildred Taylor11 DEC 1724VA, King and Queen CoRichard Thomas Jr.
Anne Leeabt 1680VA, Northumberland CoWilliam Eustace
Willoughby Lee1701VA, Northumberland Co
Richard Lee1704VA, Northumberland Co
Isaac Lee1707VA, Northumberland Co
Elizabeth Leeabt 1708VA, Northumberland CoSwan Jones, Zachary Taylor
Hancock Lee II1709VA, Northumberland CoMary Willis