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Relationships for Ernest Flagg

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Cdr. Henry Collins Flagg III10 DEC 1811SC, Charleston Co
Mary Allston FlaggMary Allston Flagg20 FEB 1814SC, Georgetown CoGeorge Sherman
George Whiting Flagg26 JUN 1816CT, New Haven Co
William Joseph Flagg15 APR 1818CT, New Haven Co
Jared Bradley Flagg16 JUN 1820CT, New Haven CoAmelia Louise Hart
Rachel Moore Flagg21 APR 1822SC, Georgetown CoAbraham Evan Gwynne
Edward Octavius Flagg13 DEC 1824SC, Georgetown CoMary Letitia Ferris
Amelia Louise Hart15 OCT 1828CT, Hartford CoJared Bradley Flagg