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Relationships for May Minturn Sedgwick

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Henry Dwight SedgwickHenry Dwight Sedgwick6 SEP 1896Canada
Robert Minturn SedgwickRobert Minturn Sedgwick27 JAN 1899NY, New York CoEmily Ames Lincoln, Helen Peabody
Edith Minturn Sedgwick30 OCT 1901NY, New York Co
Francis Minturn Sedgwick13 MAR 1904NY, New York CoAlice Delano DeForest
Rev. Malcolm Endicott Peabody12 JUN 1888MA, Essex CoMary Elizabeth Parkman
Helen PeabodyHelen Peabody8 FEB 1890MA, Middlesex CoRobert Minturn Sedgwick
Rose Saltonstall Peabody11 OCT 1891MA, Middlesex CoWilliam Barclay Parsons III