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Relationships for Mabel Wellington White

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Henry Dyer White24 SEP 1830CT, New Haven CoJulia Flewelling
Charles Atwood White11 NOV 1833CT, New Haven CoFrances Spencer Eaton
Willard Wetmore White7 FEB 1836CT, New Haven Co
Roger Sherman White26 DEC 1837CT, New Haven Co
Dr. Thomas Howell White4 FEB 1840CT, New Haven Co
Oliver Sherman White2 NOV 1842CT, New Haven Co
George Edward White17 MAR 1845CT, New Haven Co
Ellen Dwight Eaton19 MAR 1832NY, Niagara Co
Daniel Cady EatonDaniel Cady Eaton12 SEP 1834MI, St. Clair CoCaroline Ketcham
Frances Spencer Eaton18 JUL 1836MI, St. Clair CoCharles Atwood White