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Relationships for Cornelius Van Schaak Roosevelt

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Theodore Roosevelt IIITheodore Roosevelt III13 SEP 1887NY, Nassau CoEleanor Butler Alexander
Kermit Bulloch RooseveltKermit Bulloch Roosevelt10 OCT 1889NY, Nassau CoBelle Wyatt Willard
Ethel Carow RooseveltEthel Carow Roosevelt13 AUG 1891NYRichard Derby
Lt. Col. Archibald Bulloch RooseveltLt. Col. Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt10 APR 1894DC, WashingtonGrace Stackpole Lockwood
Quentin RooseveltQuentin Roosevelt19 NOV 1897DC, Washington
Eleanor Butler AlexanderEleanor Butler Alexander26 DEC 1888NY, New York CoTheodore Roosevelt III