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Relationships for Eben Sumner Draper Jr.

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Father's Side Mother's Side
William Franklin DraperWilliam Franklin Draper9 APR 1842MA, Middlesex CoLydia Downs Warren
Georgiana Thwing Draper30 JUN 1844MA, Worcester Co
Helen Louise Draper11 JUL 1845MA, Worcester Co
Hannah Thwing Draper11 APR 1853MA, Hampshire CoEdward Louis Osgood Jr.
George Albert Draper4 NOV 1855MA, Worcester Co
Eben Sumner DraperEben Sumner Draper17 JUN 1858MA, Worcester CoNannie Bristow
Nannie Bristow15 JAN 1858KY, Todd CoEben Sumner Draper