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Relationships for Martha Campbell McGlathery

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Cecil Fleming McGlathery17 OCT 1875MS, Noxubee Co
James Campbell McGlatheryJames Campbell McGlathery1 JUL 1878TN, Madison CoMinnie Jane Griffing
Joseph Love McGlathery23 APR 1881TN, Madison Co
Dr. Rozell McGlathery Sr., B.S., M.D.Dr. Rozell McGlathery Sr., B.S., M.D.7 NOV 1882TN, Madison CoMargery Frances Lloyd
Captain Samuel Lyon McGlathery ICaptain Samuel Lyon McGlathery I7 JUL 1885TN, Madison CoMary Jackson Garrott
Georgia May McGlathery7 MAY 1890LA, East Feliciana Parish
Josephine C GarrottNOV 1896KY
Martha Ella Garrott30 SEP 1898KYRussell Donovan Greer
Mary Jackson GarrottMary Jackson Garrott28 JUN 1900KYSamuel Lyon McGlathery I
Isaac Walton Garrott8 DEC 1905KYMary Virginia Thompson