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Relationships for Katharine Van Rensselaer

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Father's Side Mother's Side
William Paterson Van Rensselaer6 MAR 1805NY, Albany CoSarah Rogers
Philip Stephen Van Rensselaer14 OCT 1806NY, Albany CoMary Rebecca Tallmadge
Cortlandt Van RensselaerCortlandt Van Rensselaer26 MAY 1808NY, Albany CoCatharine Ledyard Cogswell
Col. Henry Bell Van RensselaerCol. Henry Bell Van Rensselaer14 MAY 1810NY, Albany CoElizabeth Ray King
Alexander Van Rensselaer5 NOV 1814NY, Albany CoLouisa Barnewell
Mary King29 OCT 1810NY, Queens CoPhineas Miller Nightingale
Charles Rufus King18 MAR 1813NY, Queens Co
Elizabeth Ray King17 AUG 1815NY, Queens CoHenry Bell Van Rensselaer
John Alsop King Jr.14 JUL 1817NY, Queens CoMary Colden Rhinelander
Caroline King1 JUN 1820NY, Queens CoJames Gore King Jr.