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Relationships for Francis Delafield

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Father's Side Mother's Side
John Delafield IX22 JAN 1786NY, New York CoMary Roberts, Harriet Wadsworth Tallmadge
Major Joseph Delafield22 AUG 1790NY, New York CoJulia Livingston
Edward Delafield17 MAY 1794NY, New York CoJulia Floyd
Major General Richard DelafieldMajor General Richard Delafield1 SEP 1798NY, New York CoHarriet Baldwin Covington
Rufus King Delafield18 NOV 1802NY, New York CoEliza Bard
William Floyd31 AUG 1790NY, Suffolk CoJulia Gould Redfield
Mary Floyd22 DEC 1798NY, Suffolk CoJohn Lawrence Ireland
John Gelston Floyd5 FEB 1806NY, Suffolk CoSarah Backus Kirkland
Julia Floyd4 JUL 1808NY, Suffolk CoEdward Delafield