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Relationships for Cornelia Ray

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Mary Ray17 SEP 1790NY, New York CoJohn Alsop King
Robert Ray14 JUL 1794NY, New York CoCornelia Prime
Cornelia Prime4 JAN 1800NY, New York CoRobert Ray
Edward Prime10 DEC 1801NY, New York CoAnne Bard, Charlotte Wilkins Hoffman
Emily PrimeEmily Prime26 JUN 1804NY, New York CoWilliam Seton
Frederick Prime30 OCT 1807NY, New York CoMary Rutherfurd Jay, Lydia Hare
Matilda Prime2 JUL 1810NY, New York CoGerard Holsman Coster
Laura Prime17 FEB 1812NY, New York CoJohn Clarkson Jay