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Relationships for Thomas Arundel

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Katherine FitzAlanabt 1300England, SussexHenry Hussey
Margaret Fitzalan1302
Thomas Fitzalan1307England, Sussex
Alice Fitzalanabt 1308England, SussexJohn de Bohun
Edmund Fitzalan1308England, Sussex
Elizabeth Fitzalan1312England, Sussex
Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlanabt 1313England, SussexIsabel Despencer, Eleanor Of Lancaster Plantagenet
John Fitzalan1315England, Sussex
Mary FitzAlanabt 1323England, ShropshireJohn le Strange
Aline FitzAlanabt 1325England, SussexRoger Strange
Maud Plantagenet1298England, LancashireWilliam de Burgh
Henry of Grosmontabt 1300Wales, MonmouthshireIsabella Beaumont
Blanche of Lancasterabt 1305Wales, MonmouthshireThomas Wake 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell
Isabel of Lancaster Prioress of Ambresburyabt 1308Wales, Monmouthshire
Eleanor Of Lancaster Plantagenetabt 1311Wales, MonmouthshireJohn Baron de Beaumont, Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan
Joan Plantagenetabt 1320Wales, MonmouthshireJohn de Mowbray
Mary PlantagenetMary Plantagenet1320Wales, MonmouthshireHenry de Percy