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Relationships for Philip III 'The Good' Duke of Burgundy

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Father's Side Mother's Side
John Hardi of BurgundyJohn Hardi of Burgundy28 MAY 1371France, BurgundyMargaret of Bavaria
Marguerite of Burgundy22 OCT 1374France, BurgundyWilliam IV, Count of Bayern
Catherine of BurgundyCatherine of BurgundyMAY 1378France, BurgundyLeopold IV, Duke of Austria
Antoine of BurgundyAUG 1384France, BurgundyJeanne De St Pol
Mary of BurgundySEP 1386France, BurgundyAmadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy
Philip Ii, Count of Nevers And Rethel1389France, BurgundyIsabelle de Coucy, Bonne of Artois
Margaret of Bavaria1363Netherlands, Zuid HollandJohn Hardi of Burgundy
William IV, Count of BayernWilliam IV, Count of Bayern5 APR 1365Netherlands, Zuid HollandMarguerite of Burgundy
Johanna Sophia of BavariaJohanna Sophia of Bavaria1373FranceAlbert IV, Duke of Austria
John III Duke of BavariaJohn III Duke of Bavaria1374France, Pas-de-Calais