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Relationships for Rebecca Baldwin

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Ebenezer BaldwinEbenezer Baldwin3 JUL 1745CT, New London Co
Oliver E. Baldwin2 DEC 1747CT, New London CoMercy Copp
Simeon BaldwinSimeon Baldwin14 DEC 1761CT, New London CoRebecca Sherman, Elizabeth Sherman
Rebecca ShermanRebecca Sherman22 FEB 1764CT, New Haven CoSimeon Baldwin
Elizabeth Sherman31 DEC 1765CT, New Haven CoSimeon Baldwin
Roger Sherman Jr.Roger Sherman Jr.6 JUL 1768CT, New Haven CoSusannah Staples
Mehitable Sherman20 FEB 1772CT, New Haven Co
Mehitable Prescott Sherman28 JAN 1774CT, New Haven CoJeremiah F. Evarts
Oliver Sherman19 JAN 1777CT, New Haven Co
Martha ShermanMartha Sherman24 SEP 1779CT, New Haven CoJeremiah Day
Sarah Sherman11 JAN 1783CT, New Haven CoSamuel Hoar