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Relationships for George William Baldwin

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Rebecca BaldwinRebecca Baldwin30 MAY 1788CT, New Haven Co
Ebenezer BaldwinEbenezer Baldwin20 MAY 1790CT, New Haven Co
Roger Sherman BaldwinRoger Sherman Baldwin4 JAN 1793CT, New Haven CoEmeline Pitkin "Emily" Perkins
Simeon Baldwin II1 JUN 1794CT, New Haven Co
Henrietta Perkins16 MAR 1792CT, Hartford CoJosiah Bissell
Emeline Pitkin Emily PerkinsEmeline Pitkin "Emily" Perkins1 JAN 1796CT, Hartford CoRoger Sherman Baldwin
Thomas Clapp Perkins30 JUL 1798CT, Hartford CoMary Foote Beecher