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Relationships for Laura Prime Jay

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Augustus Jay14 OCT 1833NY, New York Co
Cornelia Jay3 APR 1839NY, New York Co
Peter Augustus Jay16 JUN 1841NY, Westchester CoJulia Post
Ann Maria Jay16 FEB 1843NY, Westchester Co
John Clarkson Jay Jr.20 OCT 1844NY, Westchester CoHarriette Arnold Vinton
Alice Jay12 JUL 1846NY, Westchester Co
Matilda Coster Jay5 JUL 1850NY, Westchester Co
Margaret Elizabeth PostJAN 1834NY, New York CoWilliam Stryker Opdyke
Alfred Augustus PostFEB 1837NY, New York Co
George Edward Post17 DEC 1838NYSarah Read
Harriet Edith Post15 MAR 1840NY, New York CoArthur Mitchell
Julia Post21 JAN 1847NY, New York CoPeter Augustus Jay