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Relationships for Sophia Catherine Howard

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Father's Side Mother's Side
John Eager Howard Jr.25 JUN 1788MD, Anne Arundel CoCornelia Anabella Read
George HowardGeorge Howard21 NOV 1789MD, Anne Arundel CoPrudence Gough Ridgely
Benjamin Chew Howard5 NOV 1791MD, Anne Arundel CoJane Grant Gilmor
Dr. William Howard16 DEC 1793MD, Anne Arundel CoRebecca Ann Key
Julianna Elizabeth Howard3 MAY 1796MD, Anne Arundel CoJohn McHenry
James Howard17 DEC 1797MD, Anne Arundel CoCatherine Mary Ross, Sophia Gough Ridgely
Sophia Catherine Howard6 MAR 1800MD, Anne Arundel CoWilliam George Read
Charles Howard2 APR 1802MD, Anne Arundel CoElizabeth Phoebe Key
John Carnan RidgelyJohn Carnan Ridgely9 JAN 1790MD, Baltimore CoEliza Eichelberger Ridgely
Prudence Gough Ridgely15 JUN 1791MD, Baltimore CoGeorge Howard
Achsah Ridgely20 AUG 1792MD, Baltimore CityJames Carroll
Priscilla Hill Dorsey Ridgely17 MAR 1796MDStevenson White
David Latimer Ridgely19 NOV 1798MD, Baltimore City
Sophia Gough Ridgely3 JUL 1800MD, Baltimore CityJames Howard
Mary Pue Ridgely13 FEB 1802MDCharles Samuel Dorsey
Harriet Ridgely13 JUL 1803MD, Baltimore CityHenry Banning Chew