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Relationships for Pedro 'The Cruel' King of Castile

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Eleanor of Castile1307SpainAlfonso IV of Aragon
Alfonso XI 'The Just' King of CastileAlfonso XI 'The Just' King of Castile13 AUG 1311Spain, CastilleEleanor Guzman, Maria Affonsez Princess of Portugal
Maria Affonsez Princess of Portugal1313Portugal, CentroAlfonso XI 'The Just' King of Castile
Peter I of PortugalPeter I of Portugal04/08/1320Portugal, CentroTeresa Lourenço, Inês de Castro, Constance of Peñafiel
Eleanor of Portugal Queen of Aragon3 FEB 1328Portugal, CentroPeter IV of Aragon