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Relationships for Samuel Bartlett

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Robert Bartlett1663MA, Plymouth CoSarah Cooke
Joseph Bartlett II18 APR 1665MA, Plymouth CoLydia Griswold
Hannah Bartlett17 FEB 1671/2MA, Plymouth CoJoseph Silvester
Sarah Bartlettabt 1675MA, Plymouth CoElisha Holmes
Benjamin Bartlett6 DEC 1679MA, Plymouth CoSarah Barnes
Sarah Griswold26 MAR 1653CT, Middlesex CoRobert Chapman, Johnathan Leffingwell
Mary Griswold26 AUG 1656CT, Middlesex CoJonathan Tracy
Deborah Griswold6 MAY 1661CT, New London CoJonathan Crane
Samuel GriswoldSEP 1665CT, New London CoSusannah Huntington
Margaret GriswoldOCT 1668CTThomas Buckingham
Lydia Griswold16 OCT 1670CT, New London CoJoseph Holmes, Joseph Bartlett II