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Relationships for Catherine de Valois

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Joanna of FranceSEP 1357France
John Dauphin of Franceabt 1359France
Bonne of Franceabt 1360France
Charles VI King of FranceCharles VI King of France3 DEC 1368France, Ile-de-FranceIsabella Princess of Bavaria
Mary (Marie) Princess of France7 MAR 1370France, Ile-de-France
Louis Duke of OrléansLouis Duke of Orléans13 MAR 1371France, Ile-de-FranceValentina Visconti
Princess Isabella of France1 AUG 1373France, Ile-de-France
Catherine of Valois11 JAN 1378France, Ile-de-FranceJohn de Valois Count of Montpensier
Isabella Princess of BavariaIsabella Princess of Bavariaabt 1369Germany, BayernCharles VI King of France