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Relationships for Nancy Ann Bradford

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Father's Side Mother's Side
John Bradford8 APR 1717MA, Plymouth CoElizabeth Holmes
Gideon Bradford27 OCT 1718MA, Plymouth Co
William Bradford16 DEC 1720MA, Plymouth Co
Sarah Bradford4 APR 1722MA, Plymouth Co
Mary Bradford16 OCT 1722MA, Plymouth Co
William BradfordWilliam Bradford4 NOV 1729MA, Plymouth CoMary LeBaron
Mercy Bradford12 APR 1731MA, Plymouth Co
Abigail Bradford12 JUN 1732MA, Plymouth Co
Phebe Bradford30 MAR 1735MA, Plymouth Co
Dr. Samuel Bradford Jr.13 APR 1740MA, Plymouth CoLydia Pease
Lazarus LeBaron II7 MAY 1721MA, Plymouth Co
Joseph LeBaronJoseph LeBaron7 OCT 1722MA, Plymouth CoSarah Leonard
Lydia LeBaron3 DEC 1724MA, Plymouth CoNathaniel Goodwin
Mary LeBaron20 MAR 1730MA, Plymouth CoWilliam Bradford
Hannah LeBaron5 APR 1734MA, Plymouth CoBenjamin Goodwin
Theresa LeBaron22 JUN 1736MA, Plymouth Co
Bartlett LeBaronBartlett LeBaron29 APR 1739MA, Plymouth Co