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Relationships for Levi Lincoln III

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Levi Lincoln JrLevi Lincoln Jr25 OCT 1782MA, Worcester CoPenelope Winslow Sever
Daniel Waldo Lincoln2 MAR 1784MA, Worcester Co
Martha Lincoln19 OCT 1785MA, Worcester CoLeonard Moody Parker
John Waldo Lincoln23 JUN 1787MA, Worcester Co
Enoch LincolnEnoch Lincoln28 DEC 1788MA, Worcester Co
Waldo Lincoln10 JUL 1790MA, Worcester Co
Rebecca Lincoln11 JAN 1792MA, Worcester CoRejoice Newton
Waldo Lincoln II8 JAN 1799MA, Worcester Co
Waldo Lincoln III26 APR 1800MA, Worcester Co
William Lincoln26 SEP 1801MA, Worcester Co
Penelope Winslow Sever21 JUL 1786MA, Worcester CoLevi Lincoln Jr