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Relationships for John Elector of Saxony

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Amalia of Saxony Duchess of Bavaria1436Germany, SachsenLouis IX Wittelsbach Duke of Bavaria
Anna of Saxony7 MAR 1437Germany, SachsenAlbrecht III Achilles of Brandenburg
Ernst Elector of Saxony24 MAR 1441Germany, SachsenElisabeth of Bavaria
Albert III of Saxony27 JAN 1443Germany, SachsenZdenka Princess of Bohemia
Margarethe Princess of Bavaria1441/1442Germany, BayernFederico I Gonzaga
Elisabeth of Bavaria2 FEB 1443Germany, BayernErnst Elector of Saxony
Albert IV Wittelsbach Duke of BavariaAlbert IV Wittelsbach Duke of Bavaria15 DEC 1447Germany, BayernKunigunde of Austria