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Relationships for Frederick Hesse-Kassel

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Friedrich II of Hesse-Kassel14 AUG 1720Germany, HessenPhilippine of Brandenburg-schwedt, Mary of Great Britain
Frederick Louis HanoverFrederick Louis Hanover20 JAN 1707Germany, NiedersachsenAugusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
Anne of Hanover Princess of England2 NOV 1709Germany, NiedersachsenWillem IV of Orange-Nassau
Amelia of EnglandAmelia of England10 JUN 1711Germany, Niedersachsen
William Augustus Prince of EnglandWilliam Augustus Prince of England26 APR 1721England, Middlesex
Mary of Great Britain5 MAR 1723England, MiddlesexFriedrich II of Hesse-Kassel
Louise of Great BritainLouise of Great Britain7 DEC 1724England, MiddlesexFrederick V of Denmark and Norway