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Relationships for Rev. Endicott Peabody

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Samuel Endicott Peabody19 APR 1825MA, Essex CoMarianne Cabot Lee
Francis Peabody26 MAR 1831MA, Essex CoHelen Bloodgood
John Rose Lee25 APR 1827MA, Suffolk CoLucy Maria Howard
Marianne Cabot Lee11 Oct 1828MA, Suffolk CoSamuel Endicott Peabody
George Cabot Lee21 Mar 1830MA, Suffolk CoCaroline Watts Haskell
Harriet Rose Lee23 Nov 1831MA, Essex Co
William Paine Lee19 Apr 1833MA, Essex Co
Rose Smith Lee24 JAN 1835MA, Essex CoLeverett Saltonstall II
Francis Henry Lee23 Dec 1836MA, Essex Co
Charles Jackson Lee10 Feb 1839MA, Essex Co
Josephine Rose Lee21 DEC 1842MA, Essex CoWilliam Gurdon Saltonstall