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Relationships for Nathaniel Silsbee Jr.

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Nathaniel SilsbeeNathaniel Silsbee14 JAN 1773MA, Essex CoMary Crowninshield
William Silsbee21 MAR 1779MA, Essex CoMary Hodges
Zachariah Fowle Silsbee9 AUG 1783MA, Essex CoSarah Boardman
Jacob CrowninshieldJacob Crowninshield31 MAR 1770MA, Essex CoSarah Gardner
Benjamin Williams CrowninshieldBenjamin Williams Crowninshield27 DEC 1772MA, Essex CoMargaret Lambert, Mary Boardman
Mary Crowninshield21 SEP 1778MA, Essex CoNathaniel Silsbee