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Relationships for Christopher Kennedy Lawford

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Peter LawfordPeter Lawford7 SEP 1923England, MiddlesexPatricia Helen Kennedy, Mary Ann Rowan, Deborah Gould, Patricia Seaton
Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.25 JUL 1915MA, Norfolk Co
President John Fitzgerald Jack KennedyPresident John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy29 MAY 1917MA, Suffolk CoJacqueline Lee Bouvier
Rose Marie Rosemary KennedyRose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy13 SEP 1918MA, Norfolk Co
Kathleen Agnes KennedyKathleen Agnes Kennedy20 FEB 1920MA, Norfolk CoWilliam John Robert Cavendish Marquess of Hartington
Eunice Mary KennedyEunice Mary Kennedy10 JUL 1921MA, Norfolk CoRobert Sargent Shriver Jr.
Patricia Helen KennedyPatricia Helen Kennedy6 MAY 1924MA, Norfolk CoPeter Lawford
Robert Francis Kennedy Sr.Robert Francis Kennedy Sr.20 NOV 1925MA, Norfolk CoEthel Ann Skakel
Jean Ann KennedyJean Ann Kennedy20 FEB 1928MA, Norfolk CoStephen Edward Smith Sr.
Edward Moore KennedyEdward Moore Kennedy22 FEB 1932MA, Suffolk CoVirginia Joan Bennett, Victoria Anne Reggie