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Relationships for Shubrick Trapier Lewis

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Father's Side Mother's Side
Thomas Lewis15 JUN 1806VA
Eliza Lewis1808VAJames W. Finnie
John Bankhead Lewis22 FEB 1810VA
Sarah Attaway Lewis1811VA
Mary Willes Lewis1812VA
George Washington Lewis1815VA
Henry Howell Lewis1818VAAnn Ogle Tayloe
Catherine Daingerfield Lewis1820VAFielding Lewis
John Tayloe IV08/02/1793MD, Anne Arundel CoMaria Forrest
Henrietta Hill Tayloe12/4/1794MD, Anne Arundel CoHenry Greenfield Sothoron Key
Benjamin Ogle Tayloe05/21/1796MD, Anne Arundel CoJulia Maria Dickinson
William Henry Tayloe01/29/1799VA, Richmond CoHenrietta Ogle
Edward Thornton Tayloe01/31/1803DC, WashingtonMary Ogle
George Plater Tayloe10/15/1804VA, Richmond CoMary Elizabeth Langhorne
Elizabeth Merry Tayloe03/21/1806DC, WashingtonRobert Wormeley Carter
Ann Ogle Tayloe8/11/1814DC, WashingtonHenry Howell Lewis